High Five Poker: The Casino Table Game Where the Joker Is Wild

High Five Poker is a club table diversion initially created and promoted by SHFL amusement. The goal is to have a superior five card poker hand than the merchant. In the event that you at any point played Pai Gow Poker you’ll discover a few likenesses in that it utilizes a 53-card deck, where the 53rd card is a Joker. This solitary semi-trump card can be utilized to finish a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, or Royal Flush; else it tends to be utilized as an Ace.

High Five Poker tables are as of now at The Brass Ass (genuine name) Casino in Cripple Creek, CO, which additionally offers a dynamic rendition.

How High Five Poker is Played

The table has seats for up to six players. Players should initially make an Ante bet. The merchant will then arrangement seven cards look down in a clockwise way to every player, and seven to him or herself. Every player at that point analyzes his or her cards and settles on one of the accompanying choices:

– Fold, relinquishing the Ante wager.

– Discard two cards while keeping the best five card poker hand and make a Play wagered equivalent to the Ante bet.

The merchant at that point uncovers the house cards to make the best five card poker hand. The merchant qualifies on the off chance that he or she has no less than a couple of sixes or against a player who has a straight.

For instance, if the merchant has a couple of deuces and player number 1 has a straight, and player number 2 has a couple of three’s, the merchant qualifies against player 1 however not against player number 2. Anyway, the end result for the payouts when the merchant does or does not qualify?

– If the merchant does not qualify, the Ante wager pays even cash, and the Play wagered pushes.

– If the merchant qualifies and beats the player, the player’s Ante and Play wagers lose.

– If the merchant qualifies and is beaten by the player, the player’s Ante and Play wagers pay even cash.

– If the merchant qualifies and ties the player, the player’s Ante and Play wagers push.

The merchant works counter-clockwise while deciding the result of the majority of the rest of the players’ bets. The house edge is about 3.6%.

Outings Side Bet

The Trips side Bet pays for a player hand with Three of a Kind or better, in any case if the player wins or loses the hand, as indicated by the accompanying table:

Three of a Kind pays 1/1

Straight pays 2/1

Flush pays 4/1

Full House pays 7/1

Full House (Aces Full) 20/1

Four of a Kind pays 40/1

Straight Flush pays 50/1

Regal Flush pays 100/1

Five Aces (Four Aces w/Joker) 200/1

Pay tables may differ somewhat between wards.


The technique for this diversion is very essential in that the merchant does not qualify in the event that he or she has not exactly a couple of sixes, you should crease with not exactly a couple of sixes. Generally make a play wager.

The amusement is generally easy to play.